We are your specialized design and manufacturing partner for:

Laser generating (3D printing)

Demanding metal parts qualitative & fast

Why not taking advantage of the overall potential of selective laser melting? We are happy to show you the possiblities.

Laser structuring

Individual 3D surfaces, always precise!

By using laser ablation we bring distortion-free grains to your metal parts. Are you interested in the various possibilities?

Laser welding

High quality connections exact & durable

With the CNC-controlled process of laser welding we process surfaces as required. Would you like professional support?

We also offer the following services:

Laser marking

Qualitative engraving cost-effective & flexible

The laser allows many design and positioning options. Are you looking for the ideal solution? You will find it here!

Post processing

Micro-blasting & Machining

Spare parts (filters & strainers)

Filter replacement & strainer system (for EOS M270 / M280)