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"The last tweak"

Micro-blasting for the plastics processing industry

With micro-blasting of mold inserts for plastics processing unwanted grooves, marks or the so-called “white zone” of the inner surface will be compressed in the μ range and so the white zone is removed. Depending on the erosion rate during the die sinking process, the so-called “white zone” has a thickness between 0 and 0.1 mm. This should be considered when eroding. By removing the “white zone” completely and compacting the surface, we achieve an improvement in surface roughness. In addition, we achieve a surface roughness of less than 0.6 μm through the use of precisely defined grain sizes.

What else to point out?

Due to the treatment of copper electrodes following advantages can be achieved::

  •  Shorter runtime of smoothing step
  •  Working surface just processed by micro-blasting (no manual work)
  •  Shortening of polishing process by around 50%

Due to special grain sizes, we can additionally provide the surfaces with a non-adhesion coating. This creates a very smooth (low-friction) surface, which opens up significant advantages in the manufacturing process:

  • Improved material flow
  • Improved demolding
  • Use of release agents often not required